Health & Nutrition

Whether you're a competitive All-Star or a progressive gymnast or tumbler, you need fuel for your body to develop your muscles, build strong bones and maintain your energy needed to effectively perform the skills you are taught in a safe manner.

Healthy foods will help your body develop proper muscle tone, endurance, agility, strength,speed and stamina.  A healthy diet is crucial to your overall performance both on and off the mat.

We strive to promote healthy eating at our gym. If we provide a snack or drink, you can rest assured we have exercised caution in the snack choices we sell to our students.  If you would like to promote healthy eating in your children, you can visit our helpful links below. Healthy eating and good exercise habits can be started at an early age and can become a part of routine that is carried on through adulthood.

Healthy Eating Tips:

    1.) Avoid eating high-fat diet
    2.) Minimize sugary foods
    3.) Drink more water
    4.) Eat a variety of vegetable and fruits

Healthy Eating Links:

CHOOSE MY PLATE - USDA's website offers tips to children

COMPETITION DIET FOR GYMNASTS  Dietary ideas before a gymnast's competition

DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS - 95 page document providing guidelines for Americans

FITNESS CHEERLEADER Fitness for cheerleaders

FITNESS.GOV- Nationwide President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

FOOD NUTRITION TOOL-  Food-A-Pedia offers nurtitional values on over 8,000 foods

FOOD SAFETY: Help on how to keep your food safe to eat

FRUITS & VEGGIES: MORE MATTERS - This program replaces the 5 A Day for Better Health Program

GRANTS & MORE RESOURCES: More information provided by

KIDS COOK MONDAY  Making Monday family night

SUPER HEALTHY KIDS   Tips and ideas for healthy meals in a hurry

TEAM NUTRITION - USDA Food and Nutrition Service initiative

WHOLE KIDS FOUNDATION   Improving kids nutrition and wellness