Titans Privacy Policy

TITANS Gymnastics and Cheer, who will be called TITANS throughout the rest of this Privacy Policy, realizes that privacy is a big importance to our website viewers. Titans Gymnastics and Cheer's goal is to maintain good ethical business standards that never compromise the integrity of our business or your privacy. Please review our Privacy Policy for our website below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


If you contact TITANS by phone or email. We will utilize the information given in coordination with nature of the inquiry.  We never harvest personal information.  We do reserve the right
to send out periodic emails updating you on our business. You may opt out by contacting us and include the words OPT OUT OF EMAILS in the subject header.


TITANS strives to operate our site in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  TITANS never knowingly uses personal information or collects personal information from anyone under the age of 13. 


Some instances, information may be collected about our viewers that is not personally identifiable.  This information may be used to assist us in improving our website, track users' movements and gather information about our user base as a whole.These   collections are internally shared and is never distributed to other organizations for commercial purposes, such as but not limited to solicitation.


In the event that TITANS is every sold, the information we have obtained will transfer to the new owner.  Should you no longer want to receive emails from TITANS, please contact the new owner to be put on the OPT OUT list.


TITANS reserves the right to make necessary changes to our disclaimer.  If a change is made, you can view the changes by our DISCLAIMER link or viewing our Recent Site Activity on our Navigation Bar. Please take a moment to review our DISCLAIMER from time to time so you are informed of any changes.


This disclaimer is provided as our commitment to professional excellence. If you have posted information on our website or Social Media network that you would like to see deleted, please view the procedures on how this can be done on the appropriate Social Network or platform such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter,etc.

On Social Networks, you are responsible for the content you create, such as but not limited to: a message, comment, reply, Like, shared information,etc. 

If you see something that is not correct and you would like it to be removed from our website, please contact us by email or written mail. Our address can be found here.


All students or student's parents signed a waiver upon registration.  This registration waiver states that TITANS may use photos for literature or advertising purposes. They or their team may appear in photos,videos or images for outlets such as but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa,newspapers,television appearances,commercials,etc. This may include any member of the students family that may be a spectator at the TITANS facility or an outing or event held outside the facility.

Furthermore, any photos that are shared with the TITANS by an adult 18 years or older may be used for such purposes stated above.  Such content may include but is not limited to phots shared via text messaging, email,photo sharing websites, our website or social media platorms.


TITANS does reserve the right to review content that is shared on our website content or Social Media network or platforms.  We reserve the right to delete any comments or ban any user if we feel on reasons such as but not limited to lewd acts, foul language, hostility, verbal abuse or threats made to anyone working for or on behalf of TITANS and any of our students or family members. TITANS strives to provide a pleasant atmosphere for our customers.


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